Up the Sandbox (1972) IMDB 6.30(723) Full Movie Download

original title: Up the Sandbox
rating: 6.30(723)
The U.S.
Director: Irwin Kershner. cast: Barbra Streisand, David Selby, Arian Heller, Terry Smith, Gary Smith, …
running time: , 97 min.
release date: 1972


She is young, she lives in new York, her stubborn mother, she loves her husband and she was pregnant again. Her career has failed, because she has to sit with the children, she became a housewife, but she wanted more. It is beset with uncontrolled imagination, of a full-fledged life of a young woman, about how it would be, even on Fidel Castro.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 0% (1) azat2003 – 15.02.2009 And the great have failures Please take into account that it was a private opinion, and you can disagree with him.
The main idea of the film revolves around the problem of child-birth. Showing the average housewife with two children and suddenly learned about pregnancy of the third. Showing her thoughts, fantasies, the experiences of this situation from different angles: a mother, a daughter, a citizen of America, a woman, a wife. In each of these angles Central… read more\’
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